Polar Bear Plus Crystal


Temperature, Stirring Programmable

Effortless, Reliable, Intelligent

Sophisticated temperature control is the key to the Polar Bear Plus Crystal, developed with input from the chemists at SAFC Pharmorphix®.

With fully programmable temperature profiling and cycling, data collection, and a flexible plate format, makes the Polar Bear Plus Crystal the first choice for a broad range of laboratory applications. Changing reaction parameters is simple and takes a matter of seconds. Data and trends are displayed on the screen instantaneously. A sequence of consecutive tasks can be programmed and run unattended and safely. All of the data is recorded, and may be easily exported into Excel.

Save fume hood space

The ability to deliver accurate and precise temperature control makes the Polar Bear Plus Crystal the perfect system for carrying out crystallisation studies.

Temperature gradients for heating and cooling can be set on demand. For more complex work, full temperature profiling and cycling can be programmed to run either from the unit or an attached PC.

Features of the Polar Plus Crystal include:

  • Versatile temperature programmes
  • Simple gradients
  • Temperature cycling
  • Sophisticated temperature programmes up to 26 steps
  • Powerful magnetic stirring
  • Wide range of holders for standard glassware
  • Compact footprint
  • No peripheral equipment required (eg. heater/chiller, water supply)
  • Easy to use software
  • Automatic data logging – Excel compatible format

Simple touchscreen controls

The Polar Bear Plus Crystal is designed to deliver accuracy & control of sophisticated heating or cooling temperature profiles with up to 26 programmable steps.

The links below display graphs tracking performance in a number of example scenarios*.

*Actual performance achieved will depend on the volumes and identity of materials, as well as on the efficiency of the insulation used.

  • Temperature range -40 to +150°
  • Temperature sensor PT100
  • Typical accuracy over the temperature range± 0.2
  • Stirring Magnetic
  • Stirring quantity max. (H20)1L
  • Speed range0-1500 rpm
  • Dimensions (W x D x H)200 x 320 x 200mm
  • Weight 8kg
  • Display VGA
  • Ethernet interfaceYes
  • USB Data StorageYes
  • Real time historical logYes

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