Polar Bear Flexible Plate Technology
Compact Heating, Cooling and Stirring
Polar Bear Overview


The Polar Bear Plus is a compact easy to use workstation. Its been designed to help increase R&D productivity by reducing the need for additional equipment. The Polar Bear is a personal station that allows scientists to run experiments from 0.5 ml to 500 ml. The Polar Bear does not need an ice bath, chiller or stirring plate so experiments can be set up sooner. The Polar Bear’s sophisticated controller offers just about any level of stirrer control and temperature programming.

Client Testimonials


“The Polar Bear Plus Flow reactor enables a wide range of operating temperatures with excellent heat transfer properties. By accessing low temperatures it enables flow experimentation at the same conditions required in many batch synthesises providing an excellent starting point for further optimisation.”

Richard Bourne
Research Fellow, University of Leeds, UK.

Polar Bear Video introduction
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The Polar Bear is one of nicest things we’ve ever made. It’s a compact digital platform that heat and cools and stirs, from -40C up to 150C.

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